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libsea – C Programming Made Easy

libsea – C Programming Made Easy

Libsea is a set of programming APIs designed to make many of the common POSIX programming tasks less burdensome and complicated for the programmer in C.

Includes APIs for:

  • Binary trees.
  • Hash tables.
  • Linked lists.
  • Binary and string buffers.
  • File system actions.
  • Inter-process communication.
  • TCP and TLS communication.
  • File system notification.
  • Process information.
  • Audio playback.
  • Server programming for TCP/IPv4, TCP/IPv6,and UNIX domain (TLS).
  • String conversion and manipulation.
  • System information (CPU, disks and mounts).
  • Thread programming (Threads, locks and spin locks).
  • HTTP/s requests.
  • Websocket (version 13) implementation.

Effort has been made to make these programming APIs portable and currently libsea supports Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD and OpenBSD (all fully supported).


This concept has been influenced by such works as the standard Golang library. Work is non-funded and done in spare time. Any reports or requests for features are happily accepted.


$ make (or gmake) $ sudo make install

To install to a different location pass PREFIX to make when doing a “make install”, e.g: make PREFIX=/some/path install


You can generate documentation by running “doxygen” within the source tree. If an API has no documentation the programmer can assume the API is used internally or not stable.


The library is maintained by Alastair Roy Poole with some work from Sam Watkins.

You can download libsea at https://github.com/haxworx/libsea


If you or your organisation finds this library useful we gladly welcome financial contributions to support this and other future work. Payments can be made via Paypal to netstar@gmail.com.

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