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Edi – Enlightened IDE 0.7.0

Over the past 18 months I’ve been working with Andrew Williams on improving the Edi IDE. We recently just published the 0.7.0 release, moving towards 1.0. This release should be a little more visually appealing and consistent than the previous. There is also additional work added to the code widget we use for rendering the editor.

We are trying to keep the process of application development on Linux, Unix and macOS as simple as possible. Many alternatives are overflowing with unnecessary features. The hope is to introduce new developers to EFL technologies on the desktop without scaring them away with complexity and ambiguity.

Some of the features:

  • Editor themes.
  • Translucency.
  • Multiple panels.
  • Split editors.
  • File management within the project.
  • Auto-suggestion and completion.
  • C, Python, Go, Rust and other syntax highlighting.
  • Integrated source code management.
  • Tabbed browsing of open files
  • Build management and test (autotools, meson, go, cargo…etc.).
  • Desktop notifications.
  • Integrated debugging and profiling (llvm, gdb,, valgrind, massif).
  • Search and replace in file and project-wide.
  • Creation of new projects with skeleton projects in various languages EFL targets (C, C++, Python and C#).
  • Downloading existing projects from remote source code repository.
  • No screen waste – toolbar, menu and tabs are non-obstructive to developers.
  • Visual aid to source code management (edi-scm), which is a standalone application for managing commits to a remote repository.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Screenshots of the latest release:

As we approach 1.0 the immediate plan is to improve the reliability of the code widget we use as well as increased stability to parts of EFL we utilise.

You can download Edi from:


If you’d like to follow development:


Edi 0.7.0 should be coming to a distribution near you soon.


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