Burnt Offering at God's Temple

This tool will create a response of random words from the Christian Bible using both hardware entropy and the data entered by the user.

This is an attempt at a holy software program. Your words will affect the result and possibly (probably) your spiritual intent will affect this too. My suggestion is to enter a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Your data is used instantly in the computation and not stored.

Length of response: (words).


I'm intrigued by Terry A. Davis the author of TempleOS who had schizophrenia, and this idea is borrowed from his own. Like him too I also believe that "monk logic is sound", however I don't condone much of what he says, though I respect him, his work and ideas.

Sadly Terry Davis died. I enjoyed following him and listening to his ideas on the world and computing. RIP

I think it's very important to use your intellect in ways to honour God in interesting and unique ways.


God the Father, Christ Jesus His Son and the Holy Ghost!

Terry. A. Davis.

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