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POOLE, Alastair <netstar>

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"Programming is fun, so is reinventing the wheel. Why use a set of libraries and simplified APIs when you can write everything from scratch? People complain about this but do you ever see a qualified and skillful carpenter import furniture parts from IKEA? Low-level programming is fun, and if you are accountable for all the software I find that is better for maintainability and sense of achievement."

to be full of God's grace and to write graceful code.
software in C, Go, Perl and PHP languages and also sometimes Python, JS and Rust.

teaches the programmer that actions have consequences and that in any solution, the consequences must be taken into account and dealt with.


    Working on Enlightenment and EFL. Mainly FreeBSD and OpenBSD support and building on the shoulders of giants.

  • Evisum is an EFL based system monitor..

    This is a system monitor for Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD and macOS written in C using EFL.

  • thoughts

    people like to be intelligent.

    no-one likes someone smarter than them.

    i am no-one, forgotten infinitely, yet principal and exclusive witness to existence.

    articifical intelligence - "Emulating God".

    everyone wants to be different, until they are different!

    dear youth, don't be cool!

    brush your teeth and shave in the shower or bath!

    bring and read technical manuals when you visit the toilet!

    I cannot believe how happy I am to still be alive!

    if you don't reinvent the wheel, you won't invent!

    what a disaster that all was and just thank God!!!

    I'm better than I think I am but not as good as I sometimes think!

    one header to fool them all, and in the darkness blind them!

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