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POOLE, Alastair <netstar>

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"Programming is fun, so is reinventing the wheel. Why use a set of libraries and simplified APIs when you can write everything from scratch? People complain about this but do you ever see a qualified and skillful carpenter import furniture parts from IKEA? Low-level programming is fun, and if you are accountable for all the software I find that is better for maintainability and sense of achiev/ement."

Hoping to be full of God's grace and to write graceful code.

When time permits I am an active EFL developer working on EFL itself, Enlightenment (the window manager) and on applications written using the libraries. A lot of the work is trying to ensure EFL and E run well on FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Evisum Release

This is a process and system monitor for Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and DragonFlyBSD. It is server-client based and includes rudimentary tools for process, CPU, memory, storage, network and hardware sensor querying. The current set of features aims to reach a common denominator between the three popular and viable Unix-like operating systems at this time: Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Evisum 0.5.12 on Debian GNU/Linux

Evisum 0.5.10 on FreeBSD 12.2


You can download evisum 0.5.13 at: