When Berkeley and the Enlightenment meet.

We are happy to share with you the fruit of many hours — making EFL, Enlightenment and a growing suite of applications available to the BSD family of operating systems.

The work done by the OpenBSD project is a tremendous technical achievement and we wish to complement this work (with our passion for efficient and beautiful software) by continued support for both OpenBSD and FreeBSD varients of our graphics and development stack.


It has been a long time since EFL and E was first ported to OpenBSD and since then many improvements and changes have been made. For now we would like to offer you an OpenBSD 6.3 installer including our technologies. We hope that you might give it a spin, or even install it on raw metal.


install63.efl.fs (amd64) (851M)

SHA256 (install63.efl.fs) = cfed204d3238d2ef0c1f1b15c96b9744fdb3bb2322cab2f0fc201a1cb48ab2eb

You must select the "site63.tgz" package during the package selection stage of the installer.

If you like what you see or enjoy using the latest stable releases please consider donating.


To install in VirtualBox the image first needs to be converted:

VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename install63.efl.vmdk -rawdisk install63.efl.fs

Boot from install63.efl.vmdk and install to existing virtual disk.


Please consider donating to support this work.

Corporate Interest

For all corporate enquieries please contact:

echo -n "bmV0c3RhckBnbWFpbC5jb20K" | base64 --decode

Source Code

You can download the latest stable releases from

Ongoing work is done at

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