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POOLE, Alastair <netstar>

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"Programming is fun, so is reinventing the wheel. Why use a set of libraries and simplified APIs when you can write everything from scratch? People complain about this but do you ever see a qualified and skillful carpenter import furniture parts from IKEA? Low-level programming is fun, and if you are accountable for all the software I find that is better for maintainability and sense of achievement."

I'd like to be full of God's grace and to write graceful code.

free and open-source

  • Enlightenment and EFL

    EFL and Enlightenment on Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

  • I am an active EFL and E developer. Most of my spare time is spent working on these projects:

  • EDI is an EFL based IDE for Unix.

    Together with other EFL developers I spend a lot of time working on improving this developer tool. Lots of great features are included.

    Features include: multiple panels and tabs, split views, syntax highlighting, code completion, integrated debugger, search and replace, project search, file management, themes, SCM integration and much more!

  • The two main developers Andy Williams and myself both live in Scotland (unusual outside of academia I reckon).

  • evisum is a system monitor for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and macOS
  • LATEST RELEASE: evisum-0.2.0.txz.

    Using EFL and written in C.

  • OpenBSD 6.3 amd64 Enlightened OpenBSD distribution.
  • OpenBSD 6.3 installer with some enlightenment!

  • tingle sensor line for Unix-like systems.
  • Sensor information on Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.

    Includes cpu (multiple cores) usage, memory usage, network use, battery and power indication, audio levels and temperature sensors.

    Download the latest code from

  • macOS (OSX) keyboard LED enabler

    Enable CM (Coolermaster) and other manufacturer keyboard LED lights on macOS. I've made this process a bit simpler too. No need for a full Xcode installation, just the command-line tools. Other code updates too.

  • synthropy which is a music synthesizer.

    Here's an example recording: example.wav

  • Play your computer's keyboard!

  • raspberry pri

    turn your Pi into a WAP with support for content filtering and Tor.


people like to be intelligent.

one day you too will die!

life is shorter than I ever imagined it would be!

articifical intelligence - "Emulating God".

everyone wants to be different, until they are different!

dear youth, don't be cool!

brush your teeth and shave in the shower or bath!

I cannot believe how happy I am to still be alive!

what a disaster that all was and just thank God!!!

I'm better than I think I am but not as good as I sometimes think!

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